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Name An Act Of High School Rebellion That You Can’t Imagine A Kindergartener Doing.

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  • Name a New Year’s TV host.

    Dick Clark   76 points
    Regis Philbin   6 points
    Carson Daly   5 points
    Ryan Seacrest   4 points
    Jay Leno   4 points
    Casey Kasem   3 points

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  • Name A Holiday Song With A Fictional Character.

    Red Nose Reindeer   40 points
    Frosty The Snowman   38 points
    Santa’s Comin To Town   8 points
    Mean One Mr Grinch   7 points
    Grandma Got Run Over   3 points
    Here Comes Santa   3 points

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  • Name An Instance When You Fake A Smile

    Having A Photo Taken   34 points
    Hear A Bad Joke   18 points
    Job Interview   13 points
    Upset   12 points
    Meeting New People   12 points
    Nervous   4 points

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